Wayang Kekayon Museum: Wayang and Indonesia History Museum

Hi guys, do you still remember about Wayang (Puppet) in the previous article entitle Wayang Kulit Gagrag Jogjakarta? Yeah…Wayang Kulit is a special art performance from Jogjakarta. If you are still keen on about Wayang from Jogjakarta, there is a museum that collects this art, named Wayang Kekayon Museum.

Wayang Kekangon Museum was built in 1990 by Soedjono Prawirohadikusumo. This museum is located at Km 7th Jogjakarta-Wonogiri high way. In this museum, visitors can see many Wayang collections from 6 to 20 Century and history of Indonesia from prehistory to proclamation era in Indonesia. I’m sure visitors will feel excited here because they can learn many new things, esp related to history.

In the lawn of this museum, visitors can see ancient human’s buildings, Austronesian’s complex (entry place new era in Indonesia), in front of this lawn, there is Borobudur lion statue (Patung Singa Borobudur) that represents Hindu and Buddha era from 1 to 7 Century. On the right back of the museum, there is water tower complex that represents Majapahit’s glory and Kudus tower that represents Muslim’s glory.

While on the left back, there are angel shower complex as the symbol of Netherland era, Gunungan Kartasurya as the symbol of art development in Indonesia, Baleranu Mangkubumi complex, Japan and Proclamation statues as the symbols of Indonesia history before independent era.

Wayang Kekayon Museum

By the way, this museum has four rooms. At the first and second room, visitors can see various type of Wayang Purwa (first puppet) that is used at Kediri Kingdom. Wow…it is a very old collection.

Wayang Kekayon Museum

At the third and fourth room, there are many kinds of Wayang that visitors can see, like Wayang Madya (Wayang is used in Majapahit-Kediri era), Wayang Gedhog represents Dewi Candrakirana, Wayang Klithik represents Damarwulan and Minakjinggo, Wayang Dupara represents Diponegoro struggle, Wayang Suluh represents Indonesian struggle and Wayang Kancil represents deer likes to steal cucumbers.

I’m sure this museum will give you unforgettable experience if you visit it.

In addition, this museum opens on Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm. The visitors only need to pay the ticket for IDR 3000 + IDR 2000 (for booklet)/ USD 0.5.

If you visit Jogjakarta, do not forget to visit this museum. 😉

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